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On this episode Josh brings you along on a solo mission. Rock 4 Love 11, Just Larry’s Mayhem!, The Dark Tower, and more! Don’t be afraid. 

This week we are sponsored by Rock for Love 11 August 18-19.

On this episode we get heavy and we get light. Nihilist Politeness,
Charley, Starla, Gil and Tedford check in, Movies that deserve a rewatch, and more! Special thanks to Charley McMullen, Zac Slusher, Katrina Coleman and Kaia Hodo. Be kind. Be strong. Don’t be afraid. 

On this episode Jared and Josh are back with a massively crazy show. New HEELS intro music and new cover art! Jared is back from Florida! We got hacked and people keep leaving messages, so we decided to play some for you. Jt and Josh do the Texas Run Wrap up. Josh gets political for a whole 60 seconds. Special thanks to Zac Slusher, Avery Moore, Lisa Friedrich, Katrina Coleman, and Mo Alexander. Don’t be afraid.

This week we tease the release of our 200th episode!!! Don’t be afraid.

4 Aug 2017

Don’t be Afraid of the Dark | Disclaimer

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